Huanyu Group Co., Ltd.

[ Manufacturer ]Main business are AC Contactor

Suzhou Machine Tool Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd.

[ Manufacturer ]Main business are Electric element for machine tool, Low-voltage electric appliance element, Voltage regulator, Voltage regulator.

Shanghai Lijiyao Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

[ Trader ]Main business are Electromechanical equipment, Office equipment.

Guangzhou Huangpu Jinshikai Explosion Protection Equipment

[ Manufacturer ]Main business are Explosion protection electric appliance

Jiaxing Xinzhengtai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

[ Trader ]Main business are Industrial electrical equipment, Power supply cable, Instruments and meters, Blast protection electric appliance, Light switch box, Distribution box, Industry and mining lamp

Zhejiang Duotai Anti-explosive Electrical Appliance Co., Lt

[ Manufacturer Trader ]Main business are Anti-explosive electrical appliance

Yueqing Weitai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

[ Manufacturer Trader ]Main business are Low-voltage apparatus, Instrument and meter, Electronic component.

Yueqing Qianyuan Electric Co., Ltd.

[ Manufacturer ]Main business are Thermorelay, AC contactor etc.

Shanghai Jiudu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

[ Manufacturer ]Main business are Barometric switch, Electromagnetic starter

Yueqing Weifeng Blast Protection Electric Appliance Scienti

[ Manufacturer Trader ]Main business are Blast protection electric appliance